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Document Contract Rattan raw meteria
Document Contract Rattan raw meteria
The scene of Factorry manufacture and Main produces.

NGOC ANH TECHNICAL TECHNOLOGY CO LTD Supplies rattan material, We are big factory for produce and export material rattan. We are licensed exporter for rattan material in Vietnam.
We also manufacture and export of rattan furniture. We have experienced in in exporting our product to many countries such as Africa, Middle East Countries, Europe, USA and South America. Please feel free to visit our website to view our products. Further details please do not hesitate to contact us.
** Types of rattan material: -
** Rattan Material Manau (natural, polished or core)
** Rattan Material White Malacca or Rattan Mantang (natural, polished or core)
** Rattan Material Red Malacca or Rattan Semambu (natural trimmed knots or untrimmed)
** Red Pahang or Rotan Merah
** White Pahang or Rotan Tanah
** Labun or golden baladi or rotan air
** Manau roots and other species of rattan. Round core, peel, webbing...
** Type of rattan furniture
--- All kinds furniture for household, recreational and public that is made of rattan.

Besides the above-mentioned, we also provide customized services that custom-made to meet clients specific requirements and standards in rattan products.

We are very keen on starting a long term business relationship with you and your esteem company. Should you have any question or in need of further information, please feel free to contact me at

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   Rattan bamboo handicraf industry opportunity get billion USD

Export 2013 of rattan industry reached nearly 225 million, but still needs more investment to promote full potential. According to the statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Rattan products have been exported (exports) to over 120 countries. In particular, led by the US market accounted for over 19% market share, accounting for nearly 17% Japanese market share. However, exports to Vietnam Rattan currently accounts for less than 3% of the world market.

    Not yet have common brand !

Mr. Luu Duy Dan, chairman of Vietnam Trade Village Association, said there were 713 villages rattan, representing 24% of total handicraft villages, attracting around 350 thousand employees.

From 2009 until now, the village famous rattan Phu Nghia, hats Bell, Snip village, Chang Son, Phu Tuc, hats Hue ... faced many difficulties due to market uncertainty, volatile material sources making, produced in moderation.

While consumers in developing countries preferred the simple product, taking into cubes, then Vietnam rattan products often cumbersome, and much more angular, winding, ... it is difficult to market sustainable. We have not built a common brand for Vietnam bamboo products.

Over 80% of the production base in rattan industry are not enough funds for technical innovation and expand production scale, most are using technology, outdated equipment, labor productivity and product quality Is low, lack of diversity in design, limited competitiveness on both domestic and export mayor.According to Nguyen Manh Dung, Head of Processing and Trade Department for processing agricultural and forest products and salt (MARD), rattan and bamboo from processing may be hundreds of different products cater to internal consumption Local and export.

Specifically, these materials can be produced in 2 large groups: traditional products like bamboo shoots as food, crafts, curtains, mats, toothpicks, paper ...; new products such as laminated bamboo flooring and furniture, laminated bamboo for construction, make charcoal, make fibers, ... Among them, the industrial products made from pressed bamboo and bamboo as special the road from bamboo pads despite being studied and put into production but has a promising position in both domestic and overseas markets, with very high added value.

Development of materials and brand

    Mr. Nguyen Trong Hue, Director of Commercial Processing Agro Forestry Fisheries and Salt, said the country has about 1.4 million hectares of bamboo, which is only about 6% of the plantations, the rest is forest natural. Provinces with large bamboo reserves, concentrated as Thanh Hoa, Lam Dong, Kon Tum, Nghe An, Tuyen Quang, Dak Nong and Binh Phuoc, Lai Chau, Son La and Yen Bai. Every year, Vietnam consumes around 400-500 million bamboo trees for different purposes.

 Fieldwork in 28 provinces across the country, estimated rattan resources in Vietnam with a total area of ​​381 936 ha. In the North Central region which have the most cloud (201.076ha), followed by the South Central region with 180 270 ha area rattan. Production of rattan can be harvested in the country is estimated at 36 510 tonnes / year, while the actual demand of about 70,000 tons / year, meaning every year we had to import 33,000 tonnes on clouds. Bamboo and rattan are NTFP species potentially growing into specialized material zones or conservation of sustainable exploitation. Compared with trees, bamboo has outstanding advantages are very fast growth rate, growing after 3-4 years can be exploited, high yield 4-12 t / ha / year. Forest harvesting cycle of bamboo very short, from 2-3 years. With demand from the market, from now until 2020 and 2030, the product structure of the bamboo processing industry should be 30% for traditional products and 70% of products in the new product group. "These products replace wood pressed bamboo in furniture production increasingly popular, because beautiful, no less durable wood, but the price is much cheaper resale. But on the global market, products processed from furniture bamboo only 3% of the total $ 100 billion of the furniture market. Vietnam needs to focus on this new product line. If there are strategic and reasonable product structure, we have the ability to gain 8-10% world market, the rattan processing industry Vietnam will reach $ 1 billion in future, "Dung expressed show. Thus, in parallel with the development, the gap in demand for bamboo and rattan products around the world is still quite large. The strengthening of businesses in this industry, striving to link branding rattan Vietnam to go straight into the gap in demand for products of the world's rattan.